Raman Shah headshot
Raman Shah headshot


As an independent data craftsman in the Providence, Rhode Island, area, I help leaders use their data to make smarter decisions.

I’m formally educated in hard science. I earned a Bachelor’s with honors in chemistry from Caltech and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from The University of Chicago. Between these degrees, I completed a two-year commitment with Teach For America, teaching high school mathematics on the Southwest Side of Chicago.

My career as a data craftsman began in the middle of my doctoral research, where I first experienced the thrill of getting a computer to help a colleague glean physics from a detector’s data. My first consulting engagement followed closely when I rebuilt my department’s graduate admissions process around a predictive model. Since then, I’ve worn many hats: software engineer at an analytics startup, computational scientist managing an academic research group, and principal data scientist in Capital One’s model risk office.

All of these experiences inform my consulting practice. Both human and technical challenges appeal to me, and I love working at their interface. Helping junior personnel transform themselves professionally is a particular joy. I love the clarity of expectations inherent in a well-defined consulting engagement and the variety in a career’s worth of them. My favorite things in life are simple and meticulously overbuilt; I listen to this instinct in everything I do.

Away from the desk, you may find me baking a loaf of bread, helping neighborhood kids fix their bicycles, birdwatching outdoors, or playing the violin.

If you want to use your data to run better, we'll probably have something useful to talk about.